Inspiration: Model Call

Balanced Beauty

Spokesmodel Gabriella Wilde
shares her top wellness tips and
restorative beauty routines.

The launch of our Nutritious Micro-Algae collection, designed to help free skin of impurities and pollution caused by urban life, has us thinking about wellness, inside and out. So we sat down with spokesmodel Gabriella Wilde, the face of the collection, to chat about everything from mindful beauty routines to the perfect green smoothie.

Where do you go to relax, refresh, meditate?
Home. I make space in my home to meditate and relax. I moved out of the city to make this more a part of my everyday life.

You must spend long days on set when you’re shooting, both for your TV show Poldark and for Estée Lauder. How do you unwind and reset afterward?
A bath. I am happiest in water and it’s the best way to fully relax and turn off the world.

And on top of your work, you’re a mom to two young children. How do you find time for self-care?
I always cleanse my face at the end of the day with the Micro-Algae Pore Purifying Cleansing Jelly. The texture feels so good on my skin and makes me feel clean and fresh and ready for bed after a busy and hectic day.

How do you see the role of beauty in terms of wellness? Is your beauty routine an integral part of your wellness routine?
I think wellness and beauty are about taking care of your body and soul so you can give your best to other people. As a busy working mother, making time is essential for balancing so many different roles.

Speaking of balance, how do you bring it to both your skin and your life?
In life, I try to go on one meditation retreat each year—it’s one week where I eat vegan and I am in silence. On a daily basis, it’s the small things that can make you feel refreshed and ready for the next challenge. If I am run down I can get dry skin, so I like to use the Micro-Algae Pore Minimizing Shake Tonic to balance my skin, and then I follow it up with the Pore Minimizing Hydra Lotion for lasting hydration. I love that the collection has algae in it, which makes it feel like a superfood for my skin.

Do you have a favorite green food?
I love watercress.

What comes to mind when you think of the color green?
The color green makes me think of deep summer forests and my wonderful home in Somerset.

Any favorite nature spots you’ve visited lately?
One of my favourite places in nature is Stourhead forest near my home in the UK.

What would you put in your ideal green smoothie or juice?
Almond milk, green spirulina, banana, almond butter, manuka honey, vanilla, brown rice protein, flaxseed, fulvic acid, and bee pollen. I drink this every day. It’s not easy to track down the ingredients, but so worth the effort—I promise!

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