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Hack Your

Watch as blogger Deddeh Howard creates
a perfectly customized, contoured look using new
Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup.

Women are wired to pine for their one true match (and we’re not talking Tinder). We tend to believe from the time we start wearing makeup that there exists a foundation soul mate of sorts—the perfect counterpart to our skin and its unique shade. Many of us spend our lives trying to find it, but all too often it slips from our grasp.

So when blogger and all-around stunner Deddeh Howard showed us her trick to solving for the ultimate shade match, we were captivated. Using our newest Double Wear formula, the refreshingly light and ultra-blendable Water Fresh Makeup, she created a polished, contoured look with two complementary shades. This technique is especially helpful to women of color, she advised, who often do not have a consistent skintone across the face—Howard, for example, explained her complexion is lighter at the center and darker around the edges. Watch above as she uses a lighter and a darker shade together to create the ideal real-skin finish, then see how she pairs it with the rest of her daily makeup routine. And be prepared to let go of the idea of your one-and-only.

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